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A Comprehensive Guide on How do I use apex launcher apk

A Comprehensive Guide on How do I use apex launcher apk

Apex Launcher Apk is a great way to customize your Android device. Learn How do I use apex launcher apk and make your Android phone personalized and easier to use. This guide will help you set up and use Apex Launcher Apk for Android phones.

How do I use apex launcher apk

Apex Launcher is a popular Android app that lets users customize their Android devices in a lot of ways. It gives you an easy-to-use and highly customize home screen that makes it simple to make your Android device your own.

The app is free to use and can be found in the Google Play Store. After you download and install Apex Launcher, you can start making changes to your Android home screen. With different themes, wallpapers, and icon packs, the app lets you change how your device looks and feels. You can also change how you use apps by setting up folders or making your own gestures.

Apex Launcher lets you change how your device looks and feels, and it also has a number of useful features. You can change the layout of the home screen, such as how many home screens there are, how big the icons are, and how big the grid is. You can also hide apps from the list of apps you have installed. There are also widgets in the app, such as a clock and a search bar. You can also back up your home screens with the app, so it’s easy to get them back if you switch devices. You can also use a password to protect your home screen. The app also has a Google Now launcher built in, which makes it easy to get to Google Now.

Overall, Apex Launcher is a great way to change how your Android devices look and work. The app is easy to use and gives you a lot of ways to customize it. It has a lot of features that make it a great choice for people who want to make their Android devices more like them.

What Is Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is a great option for Android users who want to customize their home screen and improve their productivity. It is free to download and use, and it is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 and up.

Apex Launcher also includes a variety of organization and security features that make life easier for users, such as allowing users to hide applications, arrange icons, and back up and restore their launcher settings. Additionally, it includes an “Unread Counts” feature, which counts the number of unread notifications and emails and displays them in the launcher dock, making it easy for users to stay on top of their messages.

Apex Launcher also adds a layer of security to the user’s device by allowing users to protect specific applications with a PIN code. It also includes a built-in app manager which allows users to quickly uninstall or disable apps with one tap. Finally, the launcher also supports a variety of third-party themes, icon packs, and widgets, letting users customize their devices to their liking. With Apex Launcher, users can make their Android devices truly their own.

apex launcher old version

Android Does make Apex Launcher Old Version, which is a launcher app for Android that is no longer supported. It gives you a modern home screen that you can customize in many ways, such as with icon packs, themes, and wallpapers. It also has things like gesture control, customizable folders, and a customizable notification bar. It’s a great launcher for people who want more customization options than the one that comes with Android.

How do I hide apps with Apex Launcher?

Apex Launcher is a popular Android launcher that allows you to customize your home screen and app drawer. One of the features of Apex Launcher is the ability to hide apps. This can be useful if you want to keep certain apps private, or if you simply want to declutter your home screen.How do I hide apps with Apex Launcher

To hide an app with Apex Launcher, follow these steps:

  • Open the Apex Launcher settings.
  • Tap on the “Hide Apps” option.
  • Select the apps that you want to hide.
  • Tap on the “Save” button.

Is Apex Launcher a free app?

Apex Launcher is a free app available in the Google Play Store. It is a customizable launcher made for Android phones and tablets with a unique and modern look. Apex Launcher has many customizable options such as gestures and home screen options, customizable home screen grids, transition effects, icon effects, font sizes, and much more.

It is also optimized for all screen sizes and devices so you can customize the appearance of your device. It’s free, so you can start customizing your device right away without breaking the bank. With its powerful features and intuitiveness, Apex Launcher makes it easier than ever to customize your mobile device in no time.

These are some of the attributes offered by Apex Launcher.

Customizable home screen: You can change the number of home screens, the size of the icons, and the layout of your apps.

Gestures: You can set up gestures to launch apps, open folders, or perform other actions.

Icon packs: You can change the look of your icons with different icon packs.

Themes: You can change the overall look of your launcher with different themes.

App lock: You can lock apps to prevent unauthorized access.

Benefits of Using Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher APK is a powerful tool that allows you to customize your Android home screen in a variety of ways. Here are some of the benefits of using Apex Launcher APK:

  1. Customization: Apex Launcher APK offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to change the look and feel of your home screen to your liking. You can change the icon size, shape, and color, as well as the wallpaper, dock, and app drawer.
  2. Performance: Apex Launcher APK is very lightweight and efficient, so it won’t slow down your phone. In fact, it can actually improve performance by caching frequently used apps and providing a smoother scrolling experience.
  3. Features: Apex Launcher APK has a number of features that are not available in the stock Android launcher, such as the ability to create custom folders, hide apps, and apply different transition effects.
  4. Security: Apex Launcher APK includes a built-in AppLock feature that allows you to protect your apps with a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint. This is a great way to keep your personal and work apps safe from prying eyes.

Key Features

Here are some key features about using apex launcher apk given below:

  • Customizable Home Screen: With customizable icons, folders, and wallpapers, you can make a home screen that stands out.
  • Home Screen Gestures: Use simple home screen gestures to get to your favorite apps quickly.
  • Unread Counts: Use unread count badges to keep track of unread messages, emails, and missed calls.
  • Transition Effects: When you open an app or move between home screens, you can add a touch of style with smooth transition effects.
  • Hide Apps: You can hide any app from the home screen so that nosy people can’t see it.
  • Dock Swipes: Swipe the dock up or down to get to apps and tools you use often quickly.
  • Backup and Restore: It’s easy to back up and restore the layout and settings of your home screen.


How do I use Apex Launcher APK? Apex Launcher APK, allows users to make the most out of their Android devices by providing them with a highly customizable launcher. With its various features and options, users have the ability to make their devices more personal and unique to suit their needs. Apex Launcher also offers a wide range of themes, icon packs, and even custom gestures. The app is easy to use and can easily be tailored to your preference, so you can make your device exactly what you want it to be. With Apex Launcher APK, users can maximize their device’s usability by creating a home screen that reflects their style and personality.


Here are some commonly asked questions about how do I use apex launcher apk given below as well as explained:

How do I use apex launcher apk?

Apex Launcher is a free Launcher app for Android smartphones. It allows users to customize their home screens, organize shortcuts and widgets, and provides personalized search options within the app. To use Apex Launcher on Android, go to Google Play Store and search for the app. Tap the ‘Install’ button to download it. After that, open the Apex Launcher app and enjoy the amazing features.

What is Apex Launcher apk?

Apex Launcher is an Android app that lets you start your phone quickly and easily. It gives you a lot of ways to customize your device, like changing the size of icons, fonts, grids, and more. It also has gestures and shortcuts to help you get more done. It’s a good choice for people who care about speed, flexibility, and efficiency.

What is Apex Launcher used for?

Apex Launcher is an Android app that lets users change their home screen, widgets, and app icons. It has many features, such as themes, icon packs, gestures, transition effects, and more. It lets users change how their device looks and feels, and it also gives them more privacy and security options.

How do I get Apex Launcher?

The Google Play Store is where you can get Apex Launcher. It’s a free app that lets users change a lot of things and has an easy-to-use interface. It is a great alternative to the launchers that come with Android, and you can use it to make your device unique.

Which launcher is safe for Android?

Launchers for Android are usually safe to use as long as they come from a trusted source. Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, and Action Launcher are all popular launchers that are safe and reliable. These launchers give you a lot of ways to change the way your device looks and works. Always make sure that the launcher comes from a source you can trust before you download it.

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